Groups of 8 or more starting out together – 15% discount
Group rentals – for 8 or more starting out together -15% discount

School Groups

Morse Farm Touring offers a ‘School Pass’ for $230.00.
Rental packages (skis, boots, poles OR snowshoes) are available for $4.00 per student or staff.
Rental supplies are limited, so be sure to give an accurate number of participants. We require names of students, boot, ski, and pole sizes in advance, and ask that the rental group remain consistent for the series of visits.
This offer is for the entire season and there is a limit of 5 visits, with 1 make up day.
This offer is only valid Monday through Friday, 9:30 – 4:30.
Please schedule in advance by using the contact info at the right.  Time slots for school group visits are limited.

The ‘pass’ arrangement does not apply to individual students traveling independently to Morse Farm, only to organized group trips as arranged by staff at your school or afterschool site.

Our “Need To Know” Checklist :

Date and time of field trip – arrival and departure
Number of students and staff
Number of rentals required