Adult Ski, Pole & Boot Options

Fischer SCS Skate Skis This ski promotes faster gliding in all conditions with World Cup Pro base for all temperature and snow conditions. The core is 80% air which makes them extremely lightweight.

Rossignol Evo Action Positrack Skis These are ideal for recreational skiing and light touring. The low-maintenance AR Positrack waxless base with recessed gripping teeth offers reliable kick that won’t impede glide. The shorter-than-traditional ski length eases handling and enhances sidecut shape to improve maneuverability.

Rossignol Evo Glade Skis These are ideal for recreational skiing and built for skiers who ski 80% out of tracks and 20% in. AR Positrack waxless base with recessed gripping teeth offers reliable kick that won’t impede glide. The decreased overall length and sidecut improves maneuverability.

Rossignol Explorer Ski Poles These poles have the right combination of durability and performance, making them perfect for recreational touring. The strong aluminum shafts are lightweight and durable. Grips place the hands in an ergonomically correct position. Touring baskets feature an aerodynamic shape, offering good flotation and low resistance.

Swix Team CT7 Skate Poles These high performance poles offer strength and a lightweight design. Nylon Swix Pro Fit straps increase support, efficient energy transfer and comfortable grip.

Rossignol X7 Skate Ski Boots These are excellent for those interested in winter cross training or learning Nordic skating technique. This boot is warm, solid and stable for great glide and fast speeds. A quick lacing system and lace cover that zips up to keep water and snow out.

Rossignol BC X2 Backcountry Ski Boots This classic style boot offers total warmth, comfort and versatile stability. A balanced combination of flex and stiffness allows you to manage varying terrain and snow conditions. Great for jumping in groomed ski tracks.

Child Ski, Pole & Boot Options

Rossignol Kids Venture & JR X-Tour Venture Skis Ideally suited for both younger and older children curious to try classic kick & glide for the first time and/or furthering their skills. They offer stability and maneuverability both in ski tracks and out. They deliver excellent grip on the uphills, kicking and gliding, and fun on downhils.

Fisher Kids RCS Sprint Crown Skis Designed for all levels, these in-track skis are stable yet easy to turn and maneuver with high durability in all snow conditions. They deliver excellent grip on the uphills, kicking and gliding, and fun on downhills.

Children’s Fischer BC Country Crown Skis Children just starting out and learning will really appreciate the wide platform underfoot for stability, balance and control. These also offer a great no-slip grip, even when going uphill, and glide for lots of fun.

Fischer Kids XJ Sprint Ski Boots This boot is lightweight, waterproof, flexible and comfortable for all skill levels. Its soft sole flex is perfect for lighter weight riders and neoprene flap protects from cold or wet conditions.

Fischer Children’s Snowstar Ski Boots These boots feature good stability, ease of foot entry, comfort and a toasty warm lining. It is a winner with children just starting out and learning because of the ski boot’s stability, balance and control. Two hold-fast Velcro straps means no laces – easy on / easy off, even for young kids. They are waterproof and warmly insulated with Thinsulate.

Adult Snowshoe Options

MSR Unisex Ascent Snowshoes
These lightweight, technically superior snowshoes offer incredible performance on ice and snow-covered landscapes. They have enlarged boot holes to accommodate for use with any large snow boot.

MSR Men’s Lightning Ascent Snowshoes
These are ideal for large adults who want to trek into deep powder and untracked snow. They are fully adjustable, lightweight, and durable.

Tubbs Women’s Xplore Snowshoes
These provide a balanced platform for stable footing when tromping through deep snow. Quick Fit binding is very easy to use, requiring a quick tug of webbing straps and heel adjustment; fits a wide variety of winter boot styles and sizes.

Tubbs Women’s 1023 Elektra 10 Snowshoes
Great all-terrain design made for a wide range of abilities. Unlike the snowshoes made for guys, these offer a narrower tail and nose to match a women’s stride.

Child Snowshoe Options

Tubbs Children Snowflake SnowshoesThese are designed for the youngest snowshoer (approximately 3-6 years old or up to 50 lbs.). They have a fun design with an easy two step binding (fits up to youth size 1) and offers easy maneuverability for small steps. The heel grip area on the deck and gripping toe claws ensure solid steps and stability.
Tubbs Kids Storm Snowshoes These snowshoes are designed for kids from 40 – 90 lbs. They offer great maneuverability and excellent flotation. The QuickDraw bindings (fits up to youth size 6) are infinitely adjustable, easy to use and mitten friendly for quick enter/exit. Toe and heel aluminum crampons offer solid traction on variable terrain.